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                  Today is:

                  Chemical products


                  Pharmaceutical materials



                  Food additives



                  Fine chemicals



                  Fluorine chemical refrigerant series



                  Intermediate series


                  Light industrial products


                  Wooden products



                  Shopping trolley


                  Building materials


                  Wood threshold



                  PE weather seal tape



                  Water meter






                  Melamined Mdf



                  Gypsum board


                  Established in 2003, Jiafu International Trade Co. Ltd. is an ISO9001 certified international trade company specializing in sales and distribution of chemical products, light industrial products and building materials, including sealing materials, to more than 100 countries.

                  It is located in Lianyungang, which is a dynamic and economically vibrant city with the approximately 5 million people. Lianyungang is regarded as one of the Chinese first 14 coastal open cities. Lianyungang Port is the largest seaport in Jiangsu province and one of 12 pivotal ports in China. It has developed business relationships with seaports in over 160countries and regions. In addition, Lianyungang is the eastern most start of the key Longhai-Lanxin Railway, known as the east bridgehead of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge. Moreover, Lianyungang is one of the main highway junctions in China and provides direct access to China's network of inland waterways. Lianyungang is one of China's key transportation hubs through which an extensive source of goods are readily available.

                  Jiafu has established an extensive research and development network, comprised of key enterprises, universities and institutions, which enable us to develop the products clients'demands, at the lowest cost and in the shortest time.

                  Jiafu inherits competitive and open concepts and preciseness, honesty and high efficiency are the principles of Jiafu, together with competitive and open concepts, to maximize the benefits to our valued clients.

                  We are committed to further strengthening our growing reputation by providing each of our clients with the highest quality service in the most professional manner and adhering to highest international standards.

                  Jiafu sincerely welcomes your cooperation and business. We look forward to cooperating with you to create a brighter future together.

                  Copyright(C)2010, Lianyungang Jiafu International Trade Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.  Supported by ChemNet ChinaChemNet Toocle Copyright Notice

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